And Now It’s Time To Get Social

We’ve been working on a little something, and it’s finally time to share it… but now we need a hand from the community.

Beyond Ranch Foundation is proud to announce — a social media server focused on the needs of the autism community.

Beyond Ranch Foundation has created this Mastodon server as a community for caregivers, family members, friends, and professionals who work with highly impacted autistic individuals. The intention is to provide a safe space for mutual support, discussion, and learning. You can join us by creating a free account.

It’s time to spread the word far and wide and bring everyone together. Please feel free to share and repost this page. Thanks in advance for your help. We’re grateful each day for our community, and hope to help it grow and evolve.

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If you’d like to become a part of a new community on social media that focuses on the family, friends, and caregivers of those highly impacted by their autism check out

Beyond Ranch Foundation’s mission is to build a low-cost inclusive community serving the needs of adults who are profoundly impacted by their autism. We are committed to creating a safe haven where the residents can thrive while being supported through purposeful care.

Join us on! is not just another social network; it’s a sanctuary. It’s where understanding grows, support networks blossom, and true inclusivity is not just a buzzword but a daily practice. Here, parents, educators, caregivers, and friends of autistic individuals can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other in an environment that champions empathy and understanding. While the forum centers on this group, it warmly welcomes the broader autism community and contributors to it.