Nancy Alspaugh - Jackson

A photo of Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson with her son.

Nancy Alspaugh – Jackson is a former Emmy award winning television executive and producer who pioneered the magazine show format with the syndicated show PM Magazine. She was VP of programming for Westinghouse Productions from 1989 until 1993. She has produced reality shows, documentaries, and talk shows, including the long running talk show, Leeza on NBC.

Alspaugh – Jackson is the co-author of 2 books, Not Your Mother’s Midlife: A Ten Step Guide to Fearless Aging, and Fearless Women: Midlife Portraits with co-author Marilyn Kentz. Alspaugh – Jackson and Kentz have done extensive motivational speaking about fearless aging as well as performed nationally in the two women show, Boomer Babes.

From 2005 until October of 2019, she served as Executive Director of Autism Care Today, a role she was led to after dedicating herself to finding ways to help her own son, Wyatt, diagnosed with autism at the age of three. She quickly realized there was little awareness and few resources for families affected by this developmental disorder and threw herself into changing that. Under her leadership, Autism Care Today distributed 3 million dollars in grants to families around the country.

Alspaugh – Jackson served as co-host of Let’s Talk Autism with Shannon and Nancy for 12 years on Autism Live Network, the number one webcast on autism in the world. Currently, Alspaugh-Jackson is the director of Recovery at The Ranch at Special Spirit, Inc., an animal and equine assisted program for those in recovery for addiction issues. She is “momager” of WyArt Autism, her 21-year-old son’s art business. She is a Eucharistic Lay Minister, director of The Exceptional Families Ministry, and leads the Invite Ministry at Prince of Peace Church in Woodland Hills, Ca., and an oblate at The Community of Divine Love monastery in San Luis Obispo, Ca.

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