About Beyond Ranch Foundation

About Us

Building Futures

Beyond Ranch Foundation was founded on the critical unmet need of assisting aging parents of adults living with severe autism to find a forever home. Our goal is not only to build affordable housing, but also to ensure skilled autism experts are on our team to create individualized programs for residents and to match them with caregivers.

What we discovered in our field trips to existing communities built for adults with profound autism was that the majority were created by parents who had the financial ability to do so.

Additionally, our findings revealed that communities being built were geared towards the more independent adults who require less hands on 24/7 support and staff.

A photo of a modern blue building, made from shipping containers.
A photo of a container home.

Our Approach

Finding Economical Ways to Build

As we began researching housing possibilities for Beyond Ranch, the idea of focusing on container homes was floated by one of our Advisory Board Members, Colette Rue. Marc Olson, Board Treasurer who hails from Australia, confirmed that container homes were being used all over Australia with outstanding results, both cost wise and sturdiness in their structure.

Tamara and Marc began scouting communities that exclusively used container homes as forever homes, and that led us to our current vision of creating and building Beyond Ranch using a variety of container home designs for our buildings.

Those who choose to live in the Beyond Ranch community will be offered various programs that highlight their interests and strengths. All these programs will be in a safe, nonjudgmental environment where all will be able to live and express their uniqueness in their chosen way.

The Next Step

Going Beyond

At Beyond Ranch Foundation we are also dedicated to providing training and mentorship for those eager to develop expertise in supporting individuals with severe autism. Tamara Mark exemplifies mastery in this realm, having navigated the round-the-clock demands of caregiving within her own household for over two decades. Her commitment to ensuring the safety of her children, Ian and Harry, is nothing short of remarkable. This often begins with securing personal aides for them at all times and ensuring their quality of service. However, the quality of care has faced challenges, particularly when the pandemic resulted in the loss of trained aides, leaving Ian and Harry with less experienced substitutes unfamiliar with their specific needs. In response to this, we aspire to expand our horizons and enhance the services available at Beyond ranch — let’s aim high and push the boundaries of what we can achieve.

Let us dream big to go… Beyond.

A photo of a white, modern building made from shipping containers.

Join us on Beyond.forum!

Beyond.forum is not just another social network; it’s a sanctuary. It’s where understanding grows, support networks blossom, and true inclusivity is not just a buzzword but a daily practice. Here, parents, educators, caregivers, and friends of autistic individuals can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other in an environment that champions empathy and understanding. While the forum centers on this group, it warmly welcomes the broader autism community and contributors to it.