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Beyond follows Tamara Mark, a once rising Broadway and Hollywood star, to a full-time single mother of two nonverbal autistic adults, fighting for her dream to build a community for those alike to live a better and safer life.
A photo of film director Thiago Dadalt.

THIAGO DADALT | Writer / Director

Thiago DaDalt is a writer, director, and editor from Brazil. He started his film career writing and directing stage plays in his home country before launching his first short film, “The Postman,” in 2007 at age 22. He has won numerous awards with “Chocolate,” Oscar’s qualified in 2018, a short film about the early onset of Alzheimer’s and the homeless community in L.A.

His latest short film, “Duke” (about severe autism), was at HollyShorts, Raindance, Austin Film Fest, Cleveland, and officially selected at the America Pavilion in Cannes 2019. With 40 official selections worldwide and 18 awards, “Duke” is proudly endorsed by the Autism Society of America. Thiago had his debut last year with a feature documentary film about Nancy Paulikas, diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s by age 55. She wandered off while visiting the LACMA museum in L.A. in October 2016. “Where is Nancy?” won the Best Documentary at CINEQUEST Film festival 2020 (Silicon Valley).

Thiago just finished a feature film documentary “Beyond” about Tamara Mark, a single mother of two nonverbal autistic young adults, Ian and Harry. Tamara is fighting to build an autism community for those alike to live better and safer.


D. Ellen Miller Productions is the combined efforts of a few passionate creative artists coming together with one common goal: to create the stories we love, and the way we love to tell them. We have put together our collective talents of editing, motion graphics, cinematography, producing, writing and directing skills all under one roof.

DRU MILLER | Executive / Producer / Writer

Dru Miller was born in Los Angeles, CA. She currently lives in Seattle, Washington, where she resides with her husband, Steve. She has two daughters, Carly-Ann and Kyla. As a humanitarian, Dru remains involved with many charitable organizations, specifically the YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club. She is vice president and owner of a Propane and Heating Fuel Company in the Northwest.

Dru is the creator, co-writer, and executive producer of “Life on a Leash” and the TV Show “2nd Time Around.” Also known for “Chocolate” (Academy-qualified short film 2018), “Duke” (official selection at the America Pavilion in Cannes 2019 and Academy-qualified short film 2019), “Where is Nancy?” (2020), and “Beyond” (2022)

A photon of Dru Ellen Miller.

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