A photo of Lori Lund.

Lori Mark Lund

Lori Mark Lund was born and raised in Beaverton, Oregon. She excelled in sports at a time when women’s sports was an afterthought throughout the public school network, where resources and female coaching were not commonly made available in youth sports. So, Lori decided to turn her focus on coaching girls youth sports. Upon graduating from Beaverton High School, Lori became the girls JV Soccer coach at the age of 18, beginning her 40-year career in coaching. She then took girls varsity coaching positions at Rex Putnam High School for soccer and softball. When Lori took the varsity coaching position for soccer at Canby High School, she also started a youth soccer club for under-16 girls, running the club and providing a girls soccer development program in an underserved area. Lori was then recruited by ex-Portland Timbers player, Bernie Fagen, to coach for his pioneering soccer club, Oregon Soccer Association. She retired from coaching in 2018.

Lori’s coaching philosophy was not rooted in winning and building a personal legacy. Her focus has been on working with her girls to develop core soccer knowledge, skill building, and to generate personal confidence on the field and off. Lori believes that all of our children deserve to grow up in a supportive environment with positive role models in order to develop a fulfilled life.

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