A photo of Marc Olson.

Marc Olson

Marc Olson is a dual citizen of both the United States and Australia. Marc has resided in Australia for the last 43 years of his life. He held many jobs in his early years in Australia, from sugar cane farm worker, fruit picker, island resort kitchenhand and barperson to abattoir worker in the cattle industry where he decided to return to university to study accounting.

Upon completion of his studies Marc gained employment as an accountant in the Sugar Industry where he worked for 15 years holding senior accounting positions. Moving on to becoming the State Accountant for WIN Television media company for 11 years, the last 3 years also holding the position of State Head Office – Station Manager as well as the State Accounting function. The last 7 years of his working career he held the position of Chief Financial Officer for a civil construction group of companies.

After the passing of his wife of 35 years marriage, urged by his children to reconnect to the world via Facebook (which he loathed), he reconnected with Tamara Mark, an old high school friend. It soon became apparent that Tamara had the love, strength, and resilience that held the future for him. After almost 2 years of old school dating via video messenger and a country locked down in COVID protocols where he wasn’t even allowed to leave the country, they physically reunited in Pasadena, CA. Their loving union is now focused on a future for Tamara’s sons Ian and Harry and the severe autistic communities across the world. Marc and Tamara have a strong vision for the future of this population that currently has no future for long term care solutions.

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