A photo of Collete Rue.

Colette Rue

Colette Rue has close to three decades of experience in multi-faceted and creative roles supporting high-profile photographers and top-producing real estate professionals in Los Angeles and Seattle. Colette’s strengths lie in her ability to attend to detail while holding a greater perspective. These attributes, combined with her excellent communication skills and heart-centered relational approach, have proved invaluable assets in Colette’s life, both personally and professionally. Her proven dedication to family was evident in her roles as a single mother to her now-adult son, and in her care and supervision of her parents during their final years.

Colette met Tamara in 1986. The two friends have navigated many of life’s passages together, including the autism diagnoses of Ian and Harry. Known as the boys’ “Auntie,” Colette has witnessed Tamara’s round the clock dedication to her sons, including her efforts to assure her sons receive supportive services. It has been Colette’s privilege to oversee Ian and Harry’s caregiver and behavioral teams on those rare occasions when Tamara has an opportunity for self-care and rejuvenation with friends. Most recently, Colette was able to support her friend when Tamara reconnected with her love, Marc, and had her first real break in over 25 years!

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