A Letter From Our Founder, Tamara Mark

When I was 17, my Sociology teacher proposed a question to all of his class. He went one by one around the room and asked each student the same question: Would we progress into a technological boom beyond our imagination or would we return to working the land. Everyone said a technological boom. He waited till the end to ask me. I answered, “it’s both. We will move into a technological advancement beyond our wildest dreams, but something will happen, and we’ll have to form communities and live close to nature and work the land.”

And now, it appears that my insights about the future were a glimmering of what is to come. I just didn’t know Autism would be the great catalyst that would fulfill this vision.

My sons, Ian and Harry, are two young adults with severe autism. Their intelligence is intact but their inability to speak and live in the world the way a neurotypical person does, has created great concern for their well-being and purposeful life when Marc and I aren’t here, or able to care for them any longer.

I have devoted my life to them from the beginning, to ensure that they will live a happy, safe, meaningful existence, in a beautiful setting, surrounded by purposeful care, compassion and growth. My dream for them was founded on this critical unmet need for this population of severe autism, which is growing exponentially bigger every year, with no viable solutions or places for them to excel and live up to their greatest potential.

Beyond Ranch Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to those individuals with severe autism and those desiring to work, play, build and create a true sense of community through inclusion, compassion, and kindness. Love is the foundation of all the hope we carry to fulfill this vision and we’d be honored to have you join us in this important mission for them and the world.


Beyond Love and Gratitude,

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Beyond.forum is not just another social network; it’s a sanctuary. It’s where understanding grows, support networks blossom, and true inclusivity is not just a buzzword but a daily practice. Here, parents, educators, caregivers, and friends of autistic individuals can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other in an environment that champions empathy and understanding. While the forum centers on this group, it warmly welcomes the broader autism community and contributors to it.