Podcast: Sound Mind & Body – Episode 54

The Zen of Autism: Tamara Mark’s Spiritual Journey as a Mother of Two Autistic Boys

Sheila speaks to Tamara Mark, an extraordinary woman who is the mother of two severely autistic boys. Tamara’s life story is inspiring. Tamara is an accomplished Broadway actress and dancer who started her career touring with the first International Company of “A Chorus Line” and has worked with THE top theatrical directors and producers including Bob Fosse, George Abbot, and Hal Prince. And … as if that can be topped, she was hand-picked by Sidney Poitier to be one of the leads in his dance film, “Fast Forward” …and that’s how she ended up in Los Angeles.

Shaken up by the sudden death of a beloved acting teacher, Tamara was driven to leave her thriving career and embark on a spiritual journey. She was called by a vision to follow an Indian Spiritual Master, Meher Baba, and although he is no longer in human form, his teachings deeply affected her. But Tamara’s true spiritual journey began when she became the mother of two severely autistic boys, who are now 20 and 17. Tamara’s story is one of courage, faith, presence, and true love.

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